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Who am I!!!

The hot commodity right now: Bicycles

Yes, you’ve guessed correctly. I have joined the cycling community.

Not only is it the #1 social distancing activity that’s actually fun, it’s also a great workout thats keeps the body moving and the blood flowing with endless health benefits.This pandemic has put more people on two wheels for transportation, recreation or for some tranquil exercise…which I might add makes absolute sense these days.

People who haven’t turned a pedal in decades (my self included) are digging deep in the archives or are jumping on those online orders.The is the ultimate universal activity and literally anyone can ride a bike. Definitely embracing the kid in me and remembering how much I loved riding a bike these past few weeks.Although it took me so long to get my bike (high demand) it was well worth the wait :).

I got the Cannondale Quick 5 , not because that’s what I wanted but that’s what was available and on order haha. But I LOVE it.

It’s a fitness bike (right up my ally) and it allows you to get connected with the Cannondale App at the App Store or on Google Play and become one with your bike.

It automatically logs your ride activity, has every detail about your bike and even reminds you when its time for a tune up.

With a quick and easy set up, there is no need to press any buttons. When its time for your ride, the cannondale wheel sensor will accurately record your speed, distance, and time. This is truly HASSLE Free.

Now a days I look forward to my next ride! As a driver, I have a lot more respect for cyclists now that I’ve gotten back on the bandwagon. “Cyclists are NOT the enemy”, I’ve even caught myself saying I wish there were more bikes lanes!

Till next time!Location: Canarsie Park to the Shore Parkway Greenway Trail
Bike: Cannondale Quick 5 size Small
Outfit: Beyond Yoga
Fanny Pack: LeSportsac
Sneakers: Puma HYBRID Fuego Running Shoes
Sunnies: RayBans
NYC Bike Map here

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